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I’ve to go to Nachole for bus !

29 May

From Nachole my home is 8 Km away. Previously bus usually went in front of my house. But from some days buses started to go via another way. When Abbu bought ticket i’ve heard bus will go in front of our house. But now i’m hearing i’ve to go Nachole to catch the bus!

I’ve planned to take some mangoes for my friends. But now it’ll be very tough for me. Don’t know how much i’ll be able to do that…

My luggages are almost packed. Ammu is cooking food for me. I’ll have my dinner with my favourite ” kalai dal “. Sagor is also in fresh mood i see.

I’m feeling a bit tension. May be Abbu will take me to Nachole by motor cycle. But What’ll happen to mangoes!

Don’t know what’ll i do now 😦


I’m coming back to IUT tonight

29 May

I’ve bought ticket. I’ve to come back to IUT tonight. My 6th semester classes will be started from tomorrow. I’m now feeling a bit homesickness…

Srabony has shifted to her new mes today. This is her first day at outside home. I’ve talked with her. She is feeling a bit sickness for home too..

Obviously, today is a important day for me. My parent’s are not at home now. My mother is outside for a training now & father is in a meeting. I’m alone in home now.

Load-shedding is going on in our village now. There is not enough charge in my mobile. I’m a bit tensed now. If electricity does not come before tomorrow!

I’m feeling a blank feelings inside my heart now. How strange our life is! When i come from IUT, i feel a bit pain again, when i go from home then i also feel a pain. 😦

my bus is at night. Inshallah, i’m coming to IUT tonight.

I’m suffering from GUEST SYNDROM

26 May

Unfortunately i’m suffering from guest syndrom. Is the term seeming uncommon to u? I’ve invented the term “GUEST SYNDROM” today. 😀 . It means feeling myself like a guest everywhere. I’m badly suffering from this. 😦

when i come to my home (village), i feel i’m a guest here. I cann’t keep pace with activites of my parents & brother. I always become confused thinking that what should i do!

I like my village a lot but when i come here i feel a bit problem. My parents don’t allow me to work as i’ve come for few days only. I cann’t go outside, cause there is none with whom i can gossip. There were my cousins & farmer friends with whom i used to pass my time here. But they all are busy now. My cousin is too much busy with household activities. Some are out of village for study.

So, what to do in home! I’m living on my mobile now by tweeting, reading blogs and sites. But i cann’t write anything in my begali blog cause my mobile phone does not support bengali 😦

I enjoyed a lot first few days with my cousins Ripa, Rupa, Nasim. But now feeling boring 😦 . How can a man live his life only by sleeping, eating & mobiling!

Hope i’ll be back to IUT before 28th. Waiting for that day.

I’m In English Blog Now!

17 May

Yap! At last i started an English blog. Felling a bit excited thinking that I’ll be able to cross national arena, language etc. throuh this blog. What’ll i write now! I’m too much excited about this blog 😀

No, It’s midnight here in Bangladesh now. i need to go to Sleep. I’ll write Post Later. I think I’ll be able to make a good relationship with international blogger community & I’ll try my best to communicate with them regularly.

So, Keep well. This is all of my first Post 😀 😀 😀 😀