I’m coming back to IUT tonight

29 May

I’ve bought ticket. I’ve to come back to IUT tonight. My 6th semester classes will be started from tomorrow. I’m now feeling a bit homesickness…

Srabony has shifted to her new mes today. This is her first day at outside home. I’ve talked with her. She is feeling a bit sickness for home too..

Obviously, today is a important day for me. My parent’s are not at home now. My mother is outside for a training now & father is in a meeting. I’m alone in home now.

Load-shedding is going on in our village now. There is not enough charge in my mobile. I’m a bit tensed now. If electricity does not come before tomorrow!

I’m feeling a blank feelings inside my heart now. How strange our life is! When i come from IUT, i feel a bit pain again, when i go from home then i also feel a pain. 😦

my bus is at night. Inshallah, i’m coming to IUT tonight.


2 Responses to “I’m coming back to IUT tonight”

  1. audioearth June 4, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    good luck to you

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