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Why I’m Not Writting in my English blog?

12 Jun

I’s suffering from a bit hesitation. I usually write regularly in my Bengali Blog & Just Opened this Blog as an experiment. But This blog is attracting me… Actually I’m very much inspired by VIVI & SEUHLE.

They visit my Blog Almost Everyday & it increases my confidence level. As this is my First English Blog, I’s a bit scared that how people from other countries will take me as a blogger friend. Thousands of Questions arose on my mind. But I’m now getting confidence. Thanks & Specials Thanks to Vivi & Seuhle… Continue reading


I’m In English Blog Now!

17 May

Yap! At last i started an English blog. Felling a bit excited thinking that I’ll be able to cross national arena, language etc. throuh this blog. What’ll i write now! I’m too much excited about this blog 😀

No, It’s midnight here in Bangladesh now. i need to go to Sleep. I’ll write Post Later. I think I’ll be able to make a good relationship with international blogger community & I’ll try my best to communicate with them regularly.

So, Keep well. This is all of my first Post 😀 😀 😀 😀